Life is Strange



This week instead of reading a comic or watching a movie, we played a video game called “Life is Strange”. I usually play fighting or sports genre games and the games where you make life choices are really not my kind of games but this game turned out to be a good one. This game had a lot of sensitive topics in it like kidnapping, suicide etc. The main character of the story is Max, who finds out she has the power to turn back time (we later find out in the game that she can actually she can go back in time through photographs). I really liked how the game started, A big storm on its way to destroy the town and you have no idea what is going on and suddenly you are back at the class room. It is one of the best starts to a game I have ever played. The music in the game is one of the things which makes this game worth playing. It makes the person playing the game get emotionally attached to the characters and also some times emphasis the importance of the scenes. I really liked the story of the game and how it showed female friendship in the game. Although there were some times were the game became serious and addressed major issues in the society like bullying, suicide etc. The part were Max has to talk Kate out of committing suicide and we have to play as Max and say the right things so that Kate does not jump off, was really the one of most important scenes in the game.

This game was also very good in showing the butterfly effect. It showed that messing with time is not a task which should be taken lightly  and that we have to live with the repercussion that we may cause by messing with time like when Max goes back in time and saves Chloe’s father with a good intention in mind but it turns out because of what she did Chloe was now on wheel chair. The one thing in the game that took me by surprise was that Max’s teacher,Mr. Jefferson was actually the antagonist in this game as he was kidnapping and killing students just to capture their innocence. Overall this game was really good and I really liked how it addressed some really serious issues in our society that people needs to be aware of. I really enjoyed playing this game, I wish we had one more game like this in this course instead of a movie or a comic.

Hawkeye #19

downloadReading this issue of the comic was a new experience for me. I have never read a comic or anything which had sign language in it. This issue reminded me of Daredevil a little bit as in how daredevil was also blind and how he dealt with everyday things and also fought criminals at the same time. At first it was difficult to understand what the sign languages meant or what was going on in the comic as we just started reading this issue without reading the previous ones. As I started reading this issue I got the gist of this issue. This issue is about how Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) has become deaf from his previous battle and how is adjusting to this new reality that he can’t listen and has to communicate through sign language and depend on his friend Barney for everything. I really liked how the author drew the dialogue boxes but left them empty or just wrote gibberish in it to signify that we are seeing all this through the view point of Clint and since he is deaf, we can’t understand what other people are saying.  The transitions used by the author in this issue were really well done and it helped to make the point go through like when everyone is on the roof and panel shifts from one person to another and finally to everyone pumping there fists in the air, it signifies that everyone agrees with Clint’s plans and are with him.

Dr. Gibbons’ lecture was really informative and helpful to understand this comic better and it also helped to understand how in general disability is used in comics and what’s the significance behind it. Overall this an interesting issue to read and it was cool to learn a little bit of sign language.









Doom Patrol



“DOOM PATROL” is one of the strangest and confusing yet fun comic I have read so far. Initially it was hard to follow what was going on in the comic and I had to read each page twice just to understand what the story was. The art work and dialogues in the comic were what made the comic interesting to read. The issues were sometime bizarre but that was what made the comic interesting. Instances like Terry None blowing Casey’s roommate into pieces and his brain falling everywhere on the floor and yet Casey behaving like it was nothing or the part where the cat drinks milk from the same plate where Robot Mans brain was kept were really strange but these strange things in the comic was what made it fun to read. The character I like the most was the Negative man. Although he didn’t ask for any powers (especially not one where he gains power by feeding off negative energy), be still embraced the fact that now he has those powers and he can use his powers to help other people which I though was very inspirational and brave. The one thing I found different in this comic as compared to the other ones was that there was another world inside the comic and that Casey was a frictional character made up by Danny who had come to life.

I really liked the plot of the comic and the theme of the comic that being weird or different is not a bad thing and we just need to embrace who we are. The issues faced by Jane and Robot Man could be related to real life problems and that’s what made the comic relatable. Overall although this comic was a complicated and confusing but it was fun to read at the same time.



Planetary Vol. 1

Planetary was different kind of comics as compared to what I have read previously. It is a comic about a secret organization2602395-planetary_26 of people who work in the shadows. I haven’t heard of Planetary before so I was a little intrigued to read this comic and find out what it was about.

Initially this comic was a little hard to follow and It took me a lot of time to read each and every single issue and understand what it was about. This comic is about three archaeologists who go around the world and unfold world secrets. The best part that I liked about the comic was Elijah Snow. He was a perfect example of an anti-hero, who just cares about his own goals and is not much concerned about helping other people in the society which was completely different from what I have been reading in previous comics like Superman and Batman who were all about helping other people rather than thinking about themselves. Even though Elijah was rude and not our “typical “superhero, personally I liked him just because of how cool he was (Immortal and amazing superpowers). He kind of reminded me of Wolverine sometimes as he was also not our typical superhero and cared more about himself and he was also immortal. The plot twist was one of the best parts of this comic. Elijah Snow erasing his own memories, I never saw that coming. The action and fighting scenes in this comic was also an important part which made it fun to read.

Although it was my first time reading a comic about secret organizations and anti-heroes and I though it would not be that interesting to read but I really enjoyed reading this comic and can’t wait to read the volume 2 and find out what happens next.


Black Panther Vol.1 and Vol.2


Black Panther : A nation under our feet, is a comic about a frictional country called Wakanda, where there is a rebellion going on against the king T’ Challa (Black Panther)and his monarchy. Initially while reading the first few issues of volume 1 of this comic, it was hard to follow the story line because this comic takes place after T’Challa returns back to Wakanda from fighting alongside The Avengers and there was no mention of why there was rebellion or how it started. It felt like watching a sequel of a movie without knowing what happened in previous movie.

This comic was different from the other comics I have read so far as this comic not only focused on the protagonist (T’Challa) but also on other characters like the villain Tetu.  There was several story lines taking place in this comic which although made a good foundation for developing other characters in this comic (which doesn’t happen in other comics) but this also made the comic hard to follow. T’Challa is shown as a complex character who is struggling in his role as a king and doesn’t really want to be a king. He is more of a scientist by heart and we can see that through out the comic. He thinks that her sister Shuri was more suited to be the ruler of Wakanda. He believes that the best way to do a job is to do it yourself which makes him distant from his people. I liked the fact that unlike other superheroes who make world saving decisions on their own, T’Challa holds council meetings, listened to other peoples advise(good or bad) and then decided what to do (although most of the time he didn’t use any of those advise and just did what he wanted). Although T’Challa is sometimes cold and arrogant, he tries to do what is best for his nation and its people.

Ta-Nehisi Coates did an exceptional job with the dialogues, art work and specially the fighting scenes. All these things are what makes this comic standout from the other comics. Although the beginning of this comic is not so great, overall it has a great story line and some really great characters.



Ms Marvel Vol. 1 and Vol. 2


513JEUiztEL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_Ms Marvel is a comic about a young high school Muslim girl who has always admired superheroes. One night when she goes out to a party, she is engulfed in a fog and goes through a transformation and gets superpowers like her idol Captain Marvel. She was already dealing with all the teenage stuff and was trying to fit in with her high school friends (one can relate to this situation as everyone one had to go through the same situation) and now she also have to figure out how to deal with her newly developed superpowers and whether to follow the footsteps of her idol Captain Marvel. Although Kamala always wished if she was a modern blonde, tall American girl like Captain Marvel, but she also showed that she embraced her culture and religion like when she was deciding what her costume should be like instead of choosing the same costume as Captain Marvel, she choose Burkini, a Muslim Swimsuit for women.

Most of the superheroes I knew about were usually all male, white Americans. So this comic was really interesting for me to read as I could relate myself with Kamala Khan. Strict brown parents and night curfews is something I can relate myself to as I had to deal with all this stuff myself. Ms Marvel was a completely different comic from All star superman. Unlike Superman who is portrayed as a fearless and non destructible superhero, Ms Marvel i.e Kamala Khan is not like your Stereotypical superhero. She is neither rich nor smart, she is just a regular high school girl. Also the other thing I liked about the protagonist is that unlike other Superheroes, she does not keep on fighting even after getting hurt and does feel pain like when she goes to rescue Bruno’s brother Vic, during the fight she realizes that she is not gonna win this battle and retreats from there(which was a sensible thing to do unlike in other comics where the Hero keeps on fighting even after getting seriously injured).

G. Willow Wilson did a great job in targeting her audience i.e all the high school students. She used humor very well in this comic which kept the comic interesting and fun to read. One thing I found different in this comic was the narration and the dialogues. I could visualize myself saying all the things she said if I was ever in a situation like that which in other comics doesn’t happen much. Overall I really liked this comic and will definitely read the other volumes of this comic.

All Star Superman Vol.1


Superheros have always fascinated me and I’m a big fan of DC universe and have watched almost all the shows and movies related to DC. It was my first time reading a comic and what better comic to start with than All star Superman. Superman has always been my favorite superhero of all time.

This comic explored the idea which everyone thinks is impossible, the death of Superman. At the beginning of the comic in the 1st Issue, we see that superman goes to sun to save Dr. Leo and his team when they are in trouble. It just goes to show that superman is always ready to help other people no matter where they are, even on the sun. It was an intense moment when superman finds out that he had absorbed to much solar energy and he is dying because of it.

I liked the 5th issue the most where Clark goes to meet Lex just before he is about to get a death sentence. It is really funny when Lex starts talking about Superman in front to superman. He says that Lois will never notice him as long as there is superman and then he compares Clark and superman on how they have completely different personalities which is ironical as they are the same person. When a fight breaks up in the jail and Parasite tries to kill Lex, Superman saves him and helps him escape. This shows the human and forgiving side of superman that he will even save the people who try to kill him. The one thing I was suprised to see was that Lex had a labortary inside his cell and made a robot in there to make an escape route under floor but didn’ t use it to escape.

Overall it was a good comic and I liked it very much. I had already seen the movie made on this comic but it was a completely different experience reading the comic. I’ m looking forward to reading the volume 2 of this comic.