Black Panther Vol.1 and Vol.2


Black Panther : A nation under our feet, is a comic about a frictional country called Wakanda, where there is a rebellion going on against the king T’ Challa (Black Panther)and his monarchy. Initially while reading the first few issues of volume 1 of this comic, it was hard to follow the story line because this comic takes place after T’Challa returns back to Wakanda from fighting alongside The Avengers and there was no mention of why there was rebellion or how it started. It felt like watching a sequel of a movie without knowing what happened in previous movie.

This comic was different from the other comics I have read so far as this comic not only focused on the protagonist (T’Challa) but also on other characters like the villain Tetu.  There was several story lines taking place in this comic which although made a good foundation for developing other characters in this comic (which doesn’t happen in other comics) but this also made the comic hard to follow. T’Challa is shown as a complex character who is struggling in his role as a king and doesn’t really want to be a king. He is more of a scientist by heart and we can see that through out the comic. He thinks that her sister Shuri was more suited to be the ruler of Wakanda. He believes that the best way to do a job is to do it yourself which makes him distant from his people. I liked the fact that unlike other superheroes who make world saving decisions on their own, T’Challa holds council meetings, listened to other peoples advise(good or bad) and then decided what to do (although most of the time he didn’t use any of those advise and just did what he wanted). Although T’Challa is sometimes cold and arrogant, he tries to do what is best for his nation and its people.

Ta-Nehisi Coates did an exceptional job with the dialogues, art work and specially the fighting scenes. All these things are what makes this comic standout from the other comics. Although the beginning of this comic is not so great, overall it has a great story line and some really great characters.



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