All Star Superman Vol.1


Superheros have always fascinated me and I’m a big fan of DC universe and have watched almost all the shows and movies related to DC. It was my first time reading a comic and what better comic to start with than All star Superman. Superman has always been my favorite superhero of all time.

This comic explored the idea which everyone thinks is impossible, the death of Superman. At the beginning of the comic in the 1st Issue, we see that superman goes to sun to save Dr. Leo and his team when they are in trouble. It just goes to show that superman is always ready to help other people no matter where they are, even on the sun. It was an intense moment when superman finds out that he had absorbed to much solar energy and he is dying because of it.

I liked the 5th issue the most where Clark goes to meet Lex just before he is about to get a death sentence. It is really funny when Lex starts talking about Superman in front to superman. He says that Lois will never notice him as long as there is superman and then he compares Clark and superman on how they have completely different personalities which is ironical as they are the same person. When a fight breaks up in the jail and Parasite tries to kill Lex, Superman saves him and helps him escape. This shows the human and forgiving side of superman that he will even save the people who try to kill him. The one thing I was suprised to see was that Lex had a labortary inside his cell and made a robot in there to make an escape route under floor but didn’ t use it to escape.

Overall it was a good comic and I liked it very much. I had already seen the movie made on this comic but it was a completely different experience reading the comic. I’ m looking forward to reading the volume 2 of this comic.

One thought on “All Star Superman Vol.1

  1. Hello, I agree that that scene with Clark and Lex was fun and was one of my favourites in the comic as well. It was funny to see Clark being clumsy but then also being Superman and trying to save Lex, all while Lex was so oblivious to Clarks identity.


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