Life is Strange



This week instead of reading a comic or watching a movie, we played a video game called “Life is Strange”. I usually play fighting or sports genre games and the games where you make life choices are really not my kind of games but this game turned out to be a good one. This game had a lot of sensitive topics in it like kidnapping, suicide etc. The main character of the story is Max, who finds out she has the power to turn back time (we later find out in the game that she can actually she can go back in time through photographs). I really liked how the game started, A big storm on its way to destroy the town and you have no idea what is going on and suddenly you are back at the class room. It is one of the best starts to a game I have ever played. The music in the game is one of the things which makes this game worth playing. It makes the person playing the game get emotionally attached to the characters and also some times emphasis the importance of the scenes. I really liked the story of the game and how it showed female friendship in the game. Although there were some times were the game became serious and addressed major issues in the society like bullying, suicide etc. The part were Max has to talk Kate out of committing suicide and we have to play as Max and say the right things so that Kate does not jump off, was really the one of most important scenes in the game.

This game was also very good in showing the butterfly effect. It showed that messing with time is not a task which should be taken lightly  and that we have to live with the repercussion that we may cause by messing with time like when Max goes back in time and saves Chloe’s father with a good intention in mind but it turns out because of what she did Chloe was now on wheel chair. The one thing in the game that took me by surprise was that Max’s teacher,Mr. Jefferson was actually the antagonist in this game as he was kidnapping and killing students just to capture their innocence. Overall this game was really good and I really liked how it addressed some really serious issues in our society that people needs to be aware of. I really enjoyed playing this game, I wish we had one more game like this in this course instead of a movie or a comic.