Doom Patrol



“DOOM PATROL” is one of the strangest and confusing yet fun comic I have read so far. Initially it was hard to follow what was going on in the comic and I had to read each page twice just to understand what the story was. The art work and dialogues in the comic were what made the comic interesting to read. The issues were sometime bizarre but that was what made the comic interesting. Instances like Terry None blowing Casey’s roommate into pieces and his brain falling everywhere on the floor and yet Casey behaving like it was nothing or the part where the cat drinks milk from the same plate where Robot Mans brain was kept were really strange but these strange things in the comic was what made it fun to read. The character I like the most was the Negative man. Although he didn’t ask for any powers (especially not one where he gains power by feeding off negative energy), be still embraced the fact that now he has those powers and he can use his powers to help other people which I though was very inspirational and brave. The one thing I found different in this comic as compared to the other ones was that there was another world inside the comic and that Casey was a frictional character made up by Danny who had come to life.

I really liked the plot of the comic and the theme of the comic that being weird or different is not a bad thing and we just need to embrace who we are. The issues faced by Jane and Robot Man could be related to real life problems and that’s what made the comic relatable. Overall although this comic was a complicated and confusing but it was fun to read at the same time.



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