Planetary Vol. 1

Planetary was different kind of comics as compared to what I have read previously. It is a comic about a secret organization2602395-planetary_26 of people who work in the shadows. I haven’t heard of Planetary before so I was a little intrigued to read this comic and find out what it was about.

Initially this comic was a little hard to follow and It took me a lot of time to read each and every single issue and understand what it was about. This comic is about three archaeologists who go around the world and unfold world secrets. The best part that I liked about the comic was Elijah Snow. He was a perfect example of an anti-hero, who just cares about his own goals and is not much concerned about helping other people in the society which was completely different from what I have been reading in previous comics like Superman and Batman who were all about helping other people rather than thinking about themselves. Even though Elijah was rude and not our “typical “superhero, personally I liked him just because of how cool he was (Immortal and amazing superpowers). He kind of reminded me of Wolverine sometimes as he was also not our typical superhero and cared more about himself and he was also immortal. The plot twist was one of the best parts of this comic. Elijah Snow erasing his own memories, I never saw that coming. The action and fighting scenes in this comic was also an important part which made it fun to read.

Although it was my first time reading a comic about secret organizations and anti-heroes and I though it would not be that interesting to read but I really enjoyed reading this comic and can’t wait to read the volume 2 and find out what happens next.


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