Ms Marvel Vol. 1 and Vol. 2


513JEUiztEL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_Ms Marvel is a comic about a young high school Muslim girl who has always admired superheroes. One night when she goes out to a party, she is engulfed in a fog and goes through a transformation and gets superpowers like her idol Captain Marvel. She was already dealing with all the teenage stuff and was trying to fit in with her high school friends (one can relate to this situation as everyone one had to go through the same situation) and now she also have to figure out how to deal with her newly developed superpowers and whether to follow the footsteps of her idol Captain Marvel. Although Kamala always wished if she was a modern blonde, tall American girl like Captain Marvel, but she also showed that she embraced her culture and religion like when she was deciding what her costume should be like instead of choosing the same costume as Captain Marvel, she choose Burkini, a Muslim Swimsuit for women.

Most of the superheroes I knew about were usually all male, white Americans. So this comic was really interesting for me to read as I could relate myself with Kamala Khan. Strict brown parents and night curfews is something I can relate myself to as I had to deal with all this stuff myself. Ms Marvel was a completely different comic from All star superman. Unlike Superman who is portrayed as a fearless and non destructible superhero, Ms Marvel i.e Kamala Khan is not like your Stereotypical superhero. She is neither rich nor smart, she is just a regular high school girl. Also the other thing I liked about the protagonist is that unlike other Superheroes, she does not keep on fighting even after getting hurt and does feel pain like when she goes to rescue Bruno’s brother Vic, during the fight she realizes that she is not gonna win this battle and retreats from there(which was a sensible thing to do unlike in other comics where the Hero keeps on fighting even after getting seriously injured).

G. Willow Wilson did a great job in targeting her audience i.e all the high school students. She used humor very well in this comic which kept the comic interesting and fun to read. One thing I found different in this comic was the narration and the dialogues. I could visualize myself saying all the things she said if I was ever in a situation like that which in other comics doesn’t happen much. Overall I really liked this comic and will definitely read the other volumes of this comic.

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