Hawkeye #19

downloadReading this issue of the comic was a new experience for me. I have never read a comic or anything which had sign language in it. This issue reminded me of Daredevil a little bit as in how daredevil was also blind and how he dealt with everyday things and also fought criminals at the same time. At first it was difficult to understand what the sign languages meant or what was going on in the comic as we just started reading this issue without reading the previous ones. As I started reading this issue I got the gist of this issue. This issue is about how Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) has become deaf from his previous battle and how is adjusting to this new reality that he can’t listen and has to communicate through sign language and depend on his friend Barney for everything. I really liked how the author drew the dialogue boxes but left them empty or just wrote gibberish in it to signify that we are seeing all this through the view point of Clint and since he is deaf, we can’t understand what other people are saying.  The transitions used by the author in this issue were really well done and it helped to make the point go through like when everyone is on the roof and panel shifts from one person to another and finally to everyone pumping there fists in the air, it signifies that everyone agrees with Clint’s plans and are with him.

Dr. Gibbons’ lecture was really informative and helpful to understand this comic better and it also helped to understand how in general disability is used in comics and what’s the significance behind it. Overall this an interesting issue to read and it was cool to learn a little bit of sign language.









2 thoughts on “Hawkeye #19

  1. Nice post!

    I agree with your points on showing the comic through the lens of Hawkeye. It was really clever to show the dialogue boxes in that way, and really helps the reader get into the comic more.



  2. Nice post!

    I agree with yours points on showing the text boxes through the viewpoint of Hawkeye. I feel that this helps readers get more into the comic and was generally a clever method.




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